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Perfect Derma Peel / Pro Clinic Peel

We offer The Perfect Derma Peel & Pro Clinic Peel at our clinic! We offer 3 unique boosters that may be added to your peel to enhance your results.

GlyMed Plus

GlyMed Plus offers a wide range of superficial and advanced chemical peels for those looking to reveal a brand new layer of skin with no downtime or effectively treat hyperpigmentation, acne, sensitive, or dry skin.

Lira Clinical

Lira Clinical began with advanced peels and treatment solutions for the best clinically corrective results. Discover what makes our full spectrum of peeling solutions the industry leader in clinical correction. From universal enzymes to clinical solutions we have the right treatment to correct, maintain, and prevent skin concerns.

Acne Peel

Our Acne Peel is specifically offered to clients completing our Acne Bootcamp. We treat all forms of acne click below to join our program!


Our Circadia Peels treat every skin concern and is safe for most skin types! We offer Alpha/Beta, MandeliClear, DermaFrost, and Jessener Peels! Boosters may be added to intensify the treatment.

Cosmelan® Professional Treatment

cosmelan® is a professional depigmenting method that fully removes spots and prevents their reappearance for a short- and long-term outcome.


At our clinic we only offer the fresh up peel which requires no downtime. The Fresh Up Green Peel is used to treat age-related skin conditions, impurities, dull skin, scars and pigmentation such as hyperpigmentation.

Consultation/Customized Peel

Not sure what to book? Felicia will choose a customized peel for you based on your skin type and skin concerns. Email pictures of your skin from both sides and front and send a brief description of your skin concerns as well as the products you are currently using and we’ll suggest what you should book!

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